Learn how you can benefit from a medical cannabis prescription to live your best life
As the world gets faster, more hectic, creates more anxiety, people are getting back to more traditional understandings of getting healthy. Health is not just “putting out the biggest health fire” but health is also laying the groundwork for prevention and maintenance. 

Whole foods, rest and recovery, exercise, human connection are all fundamentals of human health that are being “rediscovered” .  

The focus of these “traditional” methods isn’t just to battle sickness per se, but to also arm the body with healthy systems to deal with stress. Its old school preventative medicine. Not dealing with the symptoms alone but also helping rearm the underlying “defense system” our bodies have to combat sickness.  

We at Cannamed Assist believe that medical marijuana can relieve some of the “everyday aches and pains” that stop you from recharging your “battery”. More recharge, more durability, more vitality. You become optimized.

Yes, study after study shows how medical marijuana helps more extreme conditions like cancer, seizures, and immune diseases, but they also show it helps the symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, digestive issues, and insomnia- the daily nags that chip away at you and rob you of your vitality. 

Sure, you can still function, but you are tired all the time. Eating causes distress. Activity causes pain. And you slowly remove yourself from life limiting your human connection.  

As these ailments pile up and way heavier and heavier on you, you get caught in a downward spiral and slip further and further away from the vital you. Society writes it off as “getting old”, we on the other hand believe there is another way.

We want to give you a break from suffering so you can get back to the things that naturally recharge your innate defensive systems. Get a good night’s sleep. Reduce your digestive issues so you can absorb real nutrients. Be pain free (including pms pain!) and get back to being active. Reduce stress and anxiety so you can make those human connections that fuels our souls. Once you start, it becomes a positive feedback loop that lifts you closer and closer to a more optimal you.

Break the downward spiral of ailments and begin the uplifting cycle back to being optimal.
Cannabis: But I am not really sick! 

Two of the biggest hurdles of “getting old” is dealing with Chronic Pain and Chronic inflammation. And both creep up on you. When you normalize higher and higher levels of pain and inflammation you don’t realize how far away from “optimal” you have drifted. 

We are not going to go as far as saying regular cannabis use is a “fountain of youth” (but we think it’s pretty darn close….)  

Cannabis treats chronic pain and inflammation just as good or better than a bunch of “mainstream” drugs, but with little or no side effects. Plus food tastes better. Music sound better. Sex feels better. As we mentioned, cannabis DOES treat symptoms associated with major illnesses such as Cancer, extreme seizures, MS, Parkinson’s…but it is also extremely effective in treating the “garden variety” complaints that keeps the above 40 side lined.  

Fight the slow slide into “getting old” by reducing pain and inflammation so you can enjoy life. Which in the end is probably the best “wellness” routine you can have… be active. Be engaged. Be present. Be alive.

Cannabis: so where’s the proof?

The short answer? It’s complicated. Because of its political history, it has been challenging finding reliable scientifically rigorous testing and studies. It is coming! But for right now it’s tough to find the kind of testing and study most prescription drugs go through. And the study we believe Cannabis deserves. It’s been used for thousands of years. There is a reason that humanity starting using it so early. Like 2000 BC early. It is one of the earliest plants that humans cultivated. Ancient societies used it to treat pain in childbirth, eye conditions and also to treat the daily micro-ailments that still plague us to today. Unchecked, these micro ailments add up to a death spiral. You are in pain. You get depressed. You become inactive. Which leads to more pain. Which makes you more depressed. Rinse and repeat till the grave. 

It’s a deadly self-feeding loop of inactivity and isolation. One feeds the other and speeds you to death. Scientists now call it “depression-pain comorbidity” - the shortening of life because of isolation and inactivity. And doesn’t that sound like condition we write off as “getting old”? 

In ancient times, they used marijuana to “combat depression-pain comorbidity” . They literally fought “getting old” with Cannabis. And no one has died from overdosing Marijuana. Never.

Could it be that you haven’t tried it because of its stigma? We want to change your mind.

The studies that have been done, show cannabis to have medicinal properties way beyond what was previously thought. From weight control (it fires up your metabolism and makes you process sugar better) to dealing with chronic pain (all types) inflammation and seizures (they have made movies about it!) to just destressing and being more present in the moment (check out the section below on cannabis and sex) 

Medical cannabis shows a wide range of treatments without the devastating side effects of other drugs (medical cannabis is a fantastic replacement for opioids and anti-depressants in a lot of cases) 

Cannabis: A Medical system disruptor?

The vast majority of doctors in Canada aren’t comfortable with prescribing Medical Cannabis. And that is not surprising. It has turned their entire sector on its head! And just how UBER disrupted the taxi industry, Air BnB disrupted the hotel industry, and Amazon disrupted retail…medical cannabis is disrupting how we view what medicine should be.

We need to shift the conversation to prevention, not just treatment. And that isn’t the focus of western medicine. 

Shifting the focus to “lifestyle medicine” and “age management medicine” is going to take time – there are a lot of stake holders in western medicine who find the focus on “treatment not prevention” very profitable and will resist the shift. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from making your own decisions about its value. There is way more history of humans using cannabis safely and effectively than almost every other medicine available.  

Which brings us the “complicated proof” Ancient texts are FILLED with marijuana usage. But a lot of its benefits were not studied in Western culture because of cannabis’s political history: we might have come a long way from “Reefer Madness” but studies take time.  

We at Canmed Assist have no doubt that as Cannabis shakes off its politized past, real scientific studies will not only reinforce what people are presently reporting about Cannabis’s benefits, but even more benefits will be discovered.

Cannabis: A controversial history

There are not many plants with the track record of Cannabis.  
 -yes there are so many accounts of its healing properties dating back over 5000 years.
 -no fatalities associated with it at all. Ever. (it’s safer than romaine lettuce!) 
-yes it has been politicized: from industrial competition to race relations, Cannabis is arguably the most politicized plant in the history of humanity.

So it’s no wonder its challenging to find sensible, honest, judgement (or propaganda) free discourse.  

The stigma associated with its use is quickly falling away, and given its track record of safety, we believe it’s worth seeing if Medical Cannabis is right for you. . Maybe it’s time for you to try?

Cannabis: It's confusing. How do I know what is right for me? Will it make me Paranoid?  

LOTS of people will tell you that “marijuana” is not for them. And advise you not to try it either because you can have a “bad trip” and “freak out”. Ask them more about their “bad trip” and you will see that it most probably was in a party setting, late at night possibly after drinking. We don't judge but always remember Marijuana IS medicine and must be respected as such.

You should take it low and slow. And in the same way you don’t party like you did in college, you should not use Marijuana with that mindset either. Be more clinical about it. Measure out doses. Ask questions. Investigate strains.  

Yes 21st century Marijuana CAN BE stronger than the “grass” of the prohibition era. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many choices now for low THC strains. And today’s cannabis also doesn’t have many of the impurities of amateurly grown marijuana. It is also is much more specific in its effect and usage. If you do a bit of work in the beginning by investigating and discussing what is right for you, we feel very confident that you will find a strain and a delivery method which will work for you and get you started on your journey back to optimal. 

Cannabis and Sex

All we can say is… try it. There are many, many MANY, reports of rediscovering mind blowing sex with Cannabis. From pre-mature ejaculation, to erectile dysfunction to the female orgasm. Cannabis has allowed thousands of people to get past their hang ups, laser in on the moment and let biology take over. AND for the women out there, Cannabis topical cream has been highlighted as the reason some women have the best orgasms of their life. And regular orgasms really do make you healthier. 
Cannabis and Parenting

Look we are all adults and we should be able find someplace safe and fairly judgement free to really talk about everything. And that includes parenting and pot.  

How do we feel about it? Are you in a safe environment where you are not operating heavy machinery? Are you endangering anyone? Those should be your first priorities. But once you have squared that all away, people have reported that they are just way more into hanging out with their kids and doing whatever they want to do. And we all agree that quality time with your kids IS super important and really really difficult with so many distractions from the phone dinging, to emails, to that next load of laundry needing to be done. Like we have mentioned already, Cannabis can help you be in the moment and that includes time with your kids as well. 

We are sure we are going to get some people upset somewhere for saying this but hey, we need to walk the walk if we talk the talk. We want CANMED ASSIST to first and foremost be a place where people can calmly talk about contentious issues (and have an opinion!) like adults.  

As long as no one is name calling let’s talk about it. So here goes: Yes, we think cannabis use helps you stay in the moment and really enjoy things. And that can include hanging out with your kids. Let’s discuss.

Cannabis and Sleep

Cannabis can be used as a sleep aid. It also can exacerbate insomnia. Again, this isn’t something that you should just approach will nilly. With proper use, Cannabis can most definitely promote and encourage long restful sleep patterns. Again, without the many side effects prescribed sleep aids can have.

CANMED ASSIST is a medical cannabis advocacy site that wants to encourage sensible discussion, practical information exchange, and provide free prescriptions services from reputable suppliers.  

Right now we are starting with a free medical intake service partner that connects you with a medical practitioner who can get you a prescription via the web. This allows you to get a prescription without the hassle of having to go somewhere and in the comfort of your own home.

But for us, this is just the first tiny step! We want to create a community of like-minded people so they can feel free to discuss. Exchange notes on strains they like. Help each other.

Then once we get a little bit bigger, we want to use our community to work with licensed producers to get exactly the products we want. To provide the delivery systems we want, and the medicine that works. Will you come along with us on our journey?

Welcome to the optimal you! 

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